Power Automate Flow Excel Attachment from Outlook to Sharepoint List


I have this daily process that involves the following the steps:

Step 1: each day an Excel file arrives in my mailbox
Step 2: transfer Excel file to a Sharepoint site folder
Step 3: format Excel file as a table
Step 4: copy/append Excel data into a Sharepoint List.

Note: the above steps are repeated daily for each new Excel file that arrives in my inbox.

I have created a flow that executes steps 1-3 successfully.

I created another flow for Step 4 however, the flow throws an error "No table was found with the name ‘Table1’ " Please refer to screenshots attached for further details.

Appreciate any help on how to resolve the error.

Hi @melq64, I believe this topic has been discussed by @henry.habib in his course on Sharepoint Integration with Power Platform. You may check the course here: Enterprise DNA


Thanks @EnterpriseDNA, will check out the course.

Hi @henry.habib

Just wanted to start off by saying thank you for the effort you put into creating the “SharePoint Integration With Power Platform” course. I had a brief skim through the course but couldn’t find the solution that is specific to my issue.

Perhaps I missed it and if so, could you please point me to the actual video in your course? If not, are you able to assist with the issue I am currently facing with my Power Automate flow?

Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Hi there,

Just wondering if you checked out youtube also. You might find a combination of videos that will help you.


Hi Keith,

Yes I did and actually the flow was sourced from Google/Youtube but I don’t understand why it worked for ‘them’ and not for my scenario.

I was hoping my recent subscription to EDNA would help bridge the gap in terms of gaining access to specialized experts for specific topic scenarios.

Please let me know if I’m posting my question in the wrong category or if you could point me in the right direction to get assistance with my issue. Thanks.

Yes, I was just wondering if you checked out youtube which you did,

There are other courses within the Edna portal, did you review the other courses related to Power automate, sharepoint. Sorry, today i don’t have access to the portal to give those links.

Sorry, I don’t have experience with this area

@henry.habib would be the best resource but i’m sure he or someone else would be able to help. I also remember that another EDNA expert did a youtube video on the sharepoint/outlook/power automate but i can’t remember his name.

Good Luck

Hi @melq64, have you tried these videos:

Other Integrations With Excel 1 | Enterprise DNA
Other Integrations With Excel 2 | Enterprise DNA
Other Integrations With Excel 3 | Enterprise DNA
Other Integrations With Excel 4 | Enterprise DNA
Other Integrations With Excel 5 | Enterprise DNA

@Keith thank you for the feedback.

@EnterpriseDNA thanks for sharing the videos but unfortunately they don’t relate to my issue i.e. they are specific to linking datasets between Excel & Sharepoint and vice/versa.

Anyway I’ve managed to make my flow work but it’s not working as intended i.e. instead of adding new files to sharepoint, its replacing existing file.

I will continue working on it and will post solution here for future use.

Hi @melq64, looking forward to your solution for the benefit of the whole community. Shall we close this thread for now? You may post here once solution has been found.


@EnterpriseDNA , thanks for the reminder.

I have solved this issue as per screenshots below. Hope this will be useful for others.


Thanks for sharing your solution @melq64

@melq64 I know it is a year now since you have posted this, but i just came across the same need as you. Are those all the steps that you have used for the entire process that you’ve described? And could you also how you extracted the Name Extension and Concatenate them at the end?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @anonymous36

Just to let you know, common practice in the forum is that we don’t post to any posting that is solved. you can reference that in your new posting.

YOur problem may not get solved if you don’t start a new posting.


Thank you for letting me know. I am new here and it is good to know how things work. I will start a new post with my question.