Power Automate Error - report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity


I have a process where I need to export pages of a PBi report as a PDF and email the PDF to specific users.

I created a flow to do this but it is throwing an error “report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity”. I presume this is to do with the licensing plan that I’m on but after consulting with my IT department, they have confirmed that I have a “paid account and they cannot see a way to upgrade me to a premium”

After some online research, this Microsoft forum discussions seems to suggest upgrading licence that is very expensive.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue and if so, how did you overcome it at a lower cost in terms of licensing fees? Appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

Hi @melq64, thanks for your post. We have a Power Automate course in the On-Demand Paltform created by @henry.habib. Have you checked if this was discussed in one of the lectures?

Link to course here: Power Automate Masterclass | Enterprise DNA

Hi @melq64, we notice that your inquiry is left unsolved for quite some time now. Have you tried watching the tutorials I sent above?

I’m currently working with my IT department to upgrade our license which should fix the issue. Will post update here after testing.

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@EnterpriseDNA thanks for the reminder and good timing as I just got confirmation from Microsoft that in order to use the ‘export to pdf’ function, a Premium Capacity license (which cost a ridiculous $5k/month) is required instead of my current license which was Premium per User.