Power App visual not working following Dec 20 updates

Hi - first post :slight_smile:

The December 2020 release appears to have caused some serious problems with the Power Apps custom visual - has anyone else experienced similar? These are the issues I’m seeing:

  • Existing reports published to the web Service just display a blank box instead of the embedded app (despite working previously)
  • The visual has disappeared from the visuals pane on both Desktop and Service (also not available when searching the marketplace)
  • There is a new Power Apps tool on the Desktop ‘Insert’ toolbar but when added to the canvas this doesn’t work (i.e. I cant add data fields or create/add an app). I’ve tried publishing a report to the Service and editing from there but that doesn’t allow it either.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi @rob.walker

This seems more like Power BI Platform issue. You can raise a Support Ticket with Microsoft Power BI team at below link. They usually reply within 1-2 days.

Ankit J

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Hi, I just wanted to update the post in case this affects anyone else.

After 3 weeks of calls with Microsoft we’ve discovered that there is a specific URL that Power BI (both desktop and online reporting service) uses to display the PowerApps visual and this was being blocked by our organisation’s proxy server settings. It seems that this was triggered by the Dec-20 updates to PBI.

For reference the URL is: https://pbivisuals.powerbi.com/approvedresources.json