Personal Or Enterprise Gateway

Which gateway should I choose for scheduled refresh of my excel data source in Shared drive.
Personal or Enterprise Gateway?
There are 4-5 users for the report. Need to be refreshed only once in a day,
What are the factors to be considered

Here is a great article by Reza Rad that explains both of them. After reading this you should be able make a decision on which is best for you.


What is meant by Sharing gateway in On-Premise mode?
Did not get the meaning of it.
Also should I install On Premise (Non-personal) ,on my system or with the help of admin in Server?
My laptop wont be ON all the time.

Hi Anu,

Since your laptop won’t be running at all times and probably uses a wireless network connection the better option would be to install the On-premises recommend gateway on the server.

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Thanks for the reply,Melissa