Periodic Reporting

Dear sir,

I want to prepare monthly reporting on Human Resource but I don’t know how to prepare the data to meet my requirement.
The issue is the salary expense, overtime, medical claim and so on which are incurred every month. Could you please guide me how to prepare data which I can have expenses of the above on a monthly basis.


I would suggest going over this PBIX file that Sam did to help guide you with some of your questions. In the future when posting in the forum with this type of question, please make sure that you post a sample PBIX file with your data model. I know you are looking for guidance on how to set it up, but if you at least bring in the data to a PBIX file and post it here we can better assist you.


Yes it’s pretty difficult to assist here without more information. I would suggest covering the demo showcases and then really digging into some fundamentals around Power BI development.

Go through this course when you have time.