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Perf issue using multiple slider filters on multiple visuals


I have a report where we’re attempting to use two slider slicers to limit the results returned in multiple visuals. I’m achieving this by creating measures using the slider values as FILTER conditions, then applying a visual level filter on the visuals to filter out data where BLANK is returned.

This approach works on smaller datasets, however, when I’m going against full volume (~300M rows in fact table), I’m hitting per-query resource limit exceeded (Premium Capacity P1 SKU, 6GB default limit).

Here’s an earlier thread I posted describing the problem and including a smaller sample dataset.

Per @AntrikshSharma feedback, it looks like the problem lies in the usage of the measures within the filter pane. In addition, the Min Total Sales (ITEM) measure appears to be resource intensive.

Is there a recommended alternative approach for applying multiple slider filters to multiple visuals that would be less resource intensive?

Maybe you need to go directly to the Microsoft Power BI Team Support for this.

Could you have the data grouped together up streamed before going into power bi and filter on one filter instead of using multiple filters? (have your IT team do it)

Likely its just a lot of trail and error procedures that you need to do to figure it out what its faster.

Those are the steps I would try.


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