Percentage Performance Targets in a Table


Hi there,

I’m wondering how I would create a performance target and compare in Power BI.

eg. I’ve a table of transactions indicating the customer, region and sales.

I’ve summarized a table showing only Region and sales

Region Sales Sales % Target Sales % Difference
USA 200 66% 70% -4%
Canada 105 34% 30% 4%

How do I set the target sales % and get the difference?


Probably the best way to do this, would be to have another table setup with the targets per Region.

Then integrate this into your model. Linking your regions lookup to this new table.

It’s very similar to having forecast or budget (per region).

To make it scalable using a combination of the model and DAX formulas is the way to go.

Once you have the targets aligned with the actuals then the different is easy. Just one minus the other.

Hopefully that answers this for you.


This is another idea for you.

A bit more advanced but at least something to consider, because it’s along the same lines as to what you’re after


Thanks so much! Let me look into this.