Percent Of Sub total inside Matrix Not Working


Hi Sam ,

I Created Matrix table that has Category In the first level and Under each category, there are an Items.
I have a measure that calculates the Views of each Item, based On this I have the grand total for All categories
and subtotal for each category (No Problem here). I need to calculate the percentage of Views for each Item based on the (Grand Total) and to the Subtotal for each category, The problem is when I set the measure (percent of grand total) it works fine (No Problem here), But when I set the measure to (percent of column total) it brings the percentage as it (percent of grand total) which is totally wrong.
Please Take a look at the screenshot with this message to understand the Written text above to understand the Case.



This is the case with most of the built in functions in Power BI. First you will need a DAX calculation for Total Views, then you can create another DAX measure to get the correct % of Grand Total. Check out one of Sam’s videos he did on YouTube at the following link as a resource guide to possibly help you create what you need.


Yes couldn’t agree more with Jarrett.

Personally I would never use those in built calculations. Always use DAX so that you can control exactly what’s going on and you can name the measure exactly how you want.

That video is a good one to review.

Also you can learn more about how to find the solution here


Thank You So Much I’ll try then get back to you.


Thank You So Much , I implement it on my use case and it works successfully :+1::ok_hand: