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PBIX File for Fixing Matrix Totals YouTube Video


Attached is the PBIX file for my YouTube video on “Fixing Matrix Totals” that will post on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

This video will teach you how to beat the most difficult boss level in the game of “Fixing Broken Power BI Totals”, and also provide you a generalized approach for fixing any type of broken totals you encounter (e.g., tables, cards, etc.),

As added bonuses, you will also learn to write proper DAX SWITCH(TRUE) measures to identify Kangaroos (trust me, it makes perfect sense in the context of the video…), and use Tabular Editor 3 to break down and understand the inner workings of complex DAX measures using DAX Queries and Pivot Grids.

Here’s the PBIX file:
Video 25 - Fixing Matrix Totals.pbix (3.9 MB)


Marked as solved.

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