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PBIX File for Fixing Card Visual Results YouTube Video

In response to a viewer request, I am posting the PBIX file associated with my recent video on Fixing Card Visual Results.

– Brian

Video 17 – Fixing Card Visual Results.pbix (302.5 KB)

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hi @BrianJ,

this is regarding week-to-date (wtd) calc where i have problem in trying to display the correct result on a card in a peculiar situation as described below.

from the table-perspective, i get the correct answer for the wtd for the last week of the year & also the wtd of the 1st week of the year. however, for the card visual, i’m unable to get it right for the 1st week of the year as shown the screenshot.

the sample file can be found here.

will u b able to assist to resolve the issue, pls?

krgds, -nik