Passing a visual-level filter via a dynamic measure


I’ve been following the Dynamic Visuals lecture, very cool stuff.

In the example Sam works though he passes a visuals Value field (in his case, either Sales, Costs or Profits). I’m instead trying to pass a visual-level filter (geographic region) via the selector measure. This doesn’t work,
as I can’t find a way to pass a measure value to the visual-level filter.
(Or any level of filter, i.e., page or report, for that matter.) Any ideas/suggestions?
One thing I could certainly do would be to create sepate measures for each value I want to show (revenue,
costs, etc.) by geography, then pass that via the selected measure.
But this would require a lot of extra steps, since I’d have to create duplicate measures for all geographies.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Simon,

In the visual level filter (I’m presuming you mean the below) you can adjust by measures so maybe I’m not understanding correctly here.

You see below I’ve filter a table by a costs measure that isn’t actually in the table


Just thinking about this more, are you looking to showcase a range of measures based on a geographical region selection?

I would have thought this would just happen naturally if you model has the correct relationships?

Certainly post some images of what you’re attempting to achieve if I’m not understanding this correctly.



Thanks for the response, Sam. I actually managed to figure this out, albeit perhaps not in the most elegant way possible. I think you are onto it with your comment about the model needing the have the correct relationships. I’m in a huge crunch period at work but as soon as I’m able to come up for a breath I’ll post how I managed it. Here’s a very quick screen cap of the two sets of selectors I have running, on the left is Revenue/Gross Profit/Gross Margin%, and a geography selector on the right. (These are the chiclet slicers, with linked images.)


I’m not totally clear if Simon’s goal relates at all to what I am thinking about with his two selectors, but what I would like to see is the application of the dynamic measures principle shown in the Dynamic Visuals tutorial to dynamic dimensions. So that, for example, one can select a single measure from the measure list (such as sales or cost) and a single dimension from a dimension list (such as product or region). The displayed values would change dynamically in the visual (such as a chart) based on the dual selections. If this is what Simon’s solution does, I would love to see it. Or any other solution.


Yes this was discussed here in this forum post.

It is possible, but I’m not convinced realistic as the work-arounds to get the dynamic dimensions are a little complex and not worth it in my opinion, especially if you have a comprehensive data model already.

The example above works fine because the regions all come from the same column and should just naturally filter the dynamic measures.