Parameters - What are the limitations

I have some problems with parameters. I think I have mis-understood them.


  1. We use a system that produces a accounting reports for limited companies. It also generates the business tax calculations and files them online.

  2. I have a report that extracts data from the SQL DB and using a date picker, it populates 3 visuals.

  3. Visual 1 is a matrix showing key values over 5 years and Visual 2 is a bar chart representation of Visual 1.

  4. Visual 3 shows the business tax paid over 5 years.

  5. I use @Melissa date query.

  6. I have two parameters. One that prompts for the first month in the Financial Year and the other for the client code.

  7. When I look at the tables, the M Query has worked as planned. I only have the data that I need.

Now for the Problems

  1. I assumed the report would display the data automatically in the report. But instead, I still have to go to the Page Filter and tick the Client to have the data display. The only client code available in the Filter List is client code in the parameter.

Is this by design or have I missed something? Should the filter have happed automatically?

  1. The client parameter is a list. I had assumed the user would only be able to choose something from that list, but they can enter anything.

Is this by design?

  1. Final question. Having created all of these parameters, I have just read that they cannot be used when the report is published. They can only be used on Desktop.

Is this still the case?

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Hi @kellysolutions,

Here are some resources to get you started.


One of the areas of feedback about the Query Parameters feature that we introduced a couple of months ago was being able to dynamically calculate the list of “allowed values” for a given parameter based on another query, instead of having to provide a static list of values in the “Manage Parameters” dialog. With this month’s update, customers can link to another query from which the list of Allowed Values for a Query Parameter should be retrieved.


After defining which List Query to use for retrieving the list of allowed values for a parameter, users will get the list of values in the “Edit Parameters” dialog or as part of the “Import Template” experience.

Note that only queries that yield a List are supported for this feature and that this “dynamic list” is only supported in Power BI Desktop consumption scenarios. When providing Query Parameter values in, users will have to manually input the desired value in a text input field, rather than being able to pick from a list of values.

I hope this is helpful.

Hi @kellysolutions, did the response provided by @Melissa help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

Hi Melissa,

That was a great help. Thank you. Part of my problem was caused by having some filters set in the report.


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Hi Melissa,

Can I ask you another unrelated question please?

I have developed a model that extracts data from a commercial software system. I haven’t received any help from the suppliers!!!

I have now been approached by other users of that software who would like a copy of my model.

It has taken a long time to work out how the underlying database works and I really do not want to hand over my ‘intellectual property’.

Do you know any way that I can supply this to them without revealing the source?

Thank you again,


No sorry Paul, I don’t have an answer to that…
Maybe others have some wisdom to share in this regard, best create a new topic.

Thanks Melissa