Paginated Reports/Report Builder

What is the purpose of Paginated Reports and Report Builder? What are the benefits of building reports with these featured versus DAX through the Power Bi calculation engine?


I don’t use it, but my understanding is that this is used to create “pixel perfect” printed reports (usu. multi-page ) using Power BI Report Builder and the Power BI Service, where very fine control of the printed output is important, such as billing invoices.

I don’t think there’s any analytical advantage/benefit - it’s just to get additional control over the printed page, beyond what you can do in Power BI Desktop.

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Microsoft just released their Paginated Reports in a Day Course on You Tube, you may want to chekc that out.

one thing I can tell you is that it requires Premium Capacity, which immediately removed my interest in using it, as that’s not in the cards for my company with the current state of financial insecurity.

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I think you’re right with regard to only being able to publish these out to Premium workspaces. However, at a smaller scale, based on this blog entry from Chris Finlan at Microsoft, it sounds like you can download the Paginated Report Builder Client to the desktop, and fully author, view, print and export paginated reports locally without a premium subscription.

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Currently, there have been 3,953 votes on the PowerBI Ideas forum (6th from the top!.), to make Paginated Reports available in Pro as well as Premium.

Have used it, and it is like SQL Server Reporting services.

I had not seen that yet @BrianJ, I’ll do some investigating.
and thank you for the reminder @marcster_uk, going to up-vote that idea right now!

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Also, a free course from powerBI here;

Just seen that getting Paginated Reports to Pro users have topped 4,825 votes!. The 2nd top most request. Hopefully Microsoft will take heed and implement :-).

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The following link can be useful:

Paginated Reports in Premium Per User: Power BI Premium Per User FAQ (preview) - Power BI | Microsoft Docs