Paginated Report - Snowflake SQL as data source

Has anyone used Snowflake SQL as a datasource for their Paginated report?

I am trying to do the cascading prompts and get the value from one query and putting it in the 2nd one but getting issue.

Here is more detail:

Here are the steps I have done:

  1. Data Source connection is : ODBC/Snowflake.
  2. First dataset: Simple SQL query to get “Parent” Info.
from table where Enrollment_Year = 2022
  1. Second dataset: Simple SQL query where I am referencing the parameter. In this case, it is :Parent
select Program_Group_Name
from "table" where Enrollment_Year = 2022 and Retailer_Name = :Parent

I have Parameter here:

Defined it Here



Here is the RDL report for reference.


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