Paginated Report Questions

All questions pertain to paginated reports for PBI service

  1. If I have a premium per user account and create a paginated report in a premium workspace, can pro license users consume (view) the report?

  2. Are SharePoint libraries a valid data source for paginated reports?

  3. Are excel files housed on SharePoint a valid data source for paginated reports?

  4. Can paginated reports be embedded in a SharePoint Online site?

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Not sure on questiond 2,3 4.
But short answer to Q1 is no. One workaround I have used is to distribute the rdl file to users and they can run a report from the designer. Bi clunky but does work


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Regarding the additional questions - my understanding (without having ever built a Paginated report) is that anything you can use as a data source for a PBIX file can be used to source the Paginated report.

It is even possible to use an existing dataset (connected to PBIX files) as the source for your Paginated report.

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