Paginated report parameter problem


I need to create a report based on DateSet in Power Bi service which can be exported as an pdf file. The paginated report should be embedded in Power BI report.
I did not have experience in paginated reports however with some tutorials and current knowledge in DAX/Power BI I managed to make it. I was happy until I encountered a huge problem with parameter.
So, similar as in Power BI i would like to choose multiple parameters and blanks as well. The Paginated Report software do not allow me to do that. It’s needed to select carrier for orders and tracking list. There cannot be multiple values selected and nulls. There are some orders which have no carrier info in tracking list (blanks/nulls) and some order which has no shipment at all so no data in shipment/carrier table. So it is important to check nulls/blanks - a standard way in power BI. I am really frustrated about this. I will appreciate Your support.