Paginated API Results - Power Query

Hello everyone. I’m stretching my abilities with this one and would welcome any advice you may have to offer. I’m working on building a model using an API web query to a medical practice app. Not too difficult except that the returned data is paginated with only 50 rows being returned for each page. I’ve found quite a lot of help in github for the app in question but am not versed in PQ enough to make sense out of the errors I’m getting.

Happy to provide the script I’ve developed thus far if anyone is interested. It works, mostly… :slight_smile:

Cheers - Matthew

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Hello @mkaess,

You could take a look at this video:
If I understand correctly you query this should solve the issue.

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Thank you. I’ll look at this and update this post with the results. The scenario is not quite the same but it may work.

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This is proving to be more complicated that I first anticipated. It’s a REST API query that needs to identify each page of data returned by the API then expand/combine into a single table. I have made some progress but have not solve for the page issue yet. I will post more when (or if) I do.

Here’s a link to a github page about the application’s API functionality.

The code used isn’t ‘M’ so it needs some translating.