Pages and Comments settings differ between Desktop and Service

I have published a report .pbix to the service and gone into the report Settings via the Workspace.
I have set “Pages pane” to ON. i.e. want to display report pages as tabs along the bottom of the report.
Also, switched Comments OFF.
When I open the report in service, all good and pages are at the bottom and comments switched off. :-).
If I make a change in the .pbix desktop and re publish, the above settings revert back :frowning: and I have to action above again.
I can’t seem to find the setting(s) I need to stop it, any ideas?..
I have looked in the .pbix settings too.

Hi @marcster_uk - Based on my testing, for it to work. Follow below steps.

  1. Make settings changes on Power BI Service as needed.
  2. Download the PBIX file from Service. Make required changes and Republish.

Changes made on Service will remain intact. You can use this new file for your work,
However if you Republish the Initial PBIX, it will overwrite the settings.

Ankit J

Cheers @ankit :slight_smile:

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