Page Navigation without Bookmarks in Power BI Desktop March 2020 update

Page navigation

Previously, when you want to create a button to navigate to another page you have to go first save a bookmark for your destination page, and then you have to create a button with a bookmark action that references that bookmark you saved. In this release Microsoft has added a built-in page navigation action. With this new action you can quickly build an entire navigation experience without having to save or manage any bookmarks at all!

To set up a page navigation button, create a button with Page navigation as the action type, and select the Destination page:


Hi @Melissa, Thanks for providing us with be a very useful update.


Another really cool way to further utilise this feature is by making use of the Conditional Formatting option on the Destination category of a button.

One can create a simple ‘Navigation’ table, containing one column which has values matching the names of each of your report tabs. You can the create a slicer and point it to this field. Finally, reference this field in the Conditional Formatting section of Destination for your button, and Hey Presto, you can now navigate between pages using a slicer!

Example: Page Navigation with Slicer.pbix (28.4 KB)