Outlier Sales TY and Outlier Sales LY

Hi all

I am doing some work around Outlier Sales This Year (TY) and also looking at this Sales for LY too.
What I am looking to do is calculate the total SUM of sale of “Outlier Sales” that were TY and LY too.

  1. I am aware i need to use INTERSECT function on this, and have seen the video Sam has done.
    But still even based on this I am still confused how i should implement this in my report.

  2. Then from this I wanted to find out which customers name were classed as the outlier for TY and LY.

Help on this would be much appreciated.

06.OutlierDetection.Practice.StaticWay.pbix (465.0 KB)

Just wanted to check you have gone over all the tutorials on this as there are a few.

Just also trying to understand the exact issue here. I already see totals so not sure what you’re specifically look for?


So first of yes I have viewed your videos.
I would not have asked for help if I didnt view them initally. And this is slightly different to what your videos shows, as of now.

A. What I am asking is I want to sum the total Outlier Sales (OS) and sum Outlier Sales LY (OS-LY) only if a customer is seen to have a outlier number in BOTH rows of OS and OS-LY. I am thinking I need to use the INTERSECT functon on this. Specifcally for this example I am not sure how to even approach this task.

Hope this helps, thank you…


How about this

OS Total = 
SUMX( VALUES( Customers ),
    IF( AND( NOT( ISBLANK( [OS] ) ), NOT( ISBLANK( [OS-LY] ) ) ),
        [OS] + [OS-LY],
            BLANK() ) )