Organising Applied steps

I know that I can rename Applied Steps - but is there any way I can organise them and/or group them so that the purpose of a sequence of the Applied steps is clear to others as well as myself

Import Dept Table and Extract Dept Code
Step A
Step B etc
Split Names in Customer Table
Step Y
Step Z

Thank You

Hi @AllisterB,

Currently there is no way of specifically grouping the applied steps apart from renaming them as you have mentioned.

You can however add more detail to your steps by doing the following and adding some comments, when you then hover over the steps you will see the detail.

Hope this helps.


@haroonali1000 is correct.

My issue with the Step Properties is that they aren’t that visible, so alternatively you could perhaps indent the step names, something like:


I’m sure you can get pretty creative and create an entire system with symbols to fit your needs. :wink:

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@Melissa cool suggestion.

Interesting you cant see when you hover I currently can see the properties when I hover. ( I haven’t updated my desktop yet tho so still on an older version).


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Yeah you’re right. It does show when you hover over it.
Thanks @haroonali1000