Or clause with Multiple Table Filter in Dax

Hi ,
I am trying to simulate below Cognos Report Filter in Dax. This has OR Clause in filter from multiple tables

Where [Reason Description] LIKE ‘BSA%’ OR [ServiceTypeName] in (‘Business Serv Admin’,‘CRU’,‘Cannibalized’)

Used below Filter In Dax

FILTER( SUMMARIZECOLUMNS(‘Open jobcard reason’[Reason description],‘Service type’[Service type name]),
right(‘Open jobcard reason’[Reason description],3) =“BSA”
‘Service type’[Service type name] IN {“Business Serv Admin”,“CRU” ,“Cannibalized”}

but getting error. Any help highly appreciated.


What’s the error message you’re getting? Is it “The expression refers to multiple columns… cannot be converted to a scalar value“?

  • Brian

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hi brian…yes…receiving same error


The reason you are getting this error is that FILTER on its own produces a table, not a scalar. If the result of your measure is not a scalar, it will throw that error message. There are two ways to handle this - you can either apply a function to the table, such as COUNTROWS, that returns a scalar value, or you can materialize that statement into a physical table using


With regard to the former approach, I definitely recommend checking out this video, which provides some great techniques for debugging measures involving virtual tables, such as yours:

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian