Opening Balance Issue again

check (2).pbix (184.4 KB)
In the attached pbix , Page 1,
for Jan 2022,the opening balance is -592M

But in Page 3,the opening balance is not calculated correctly , when drilling down to 2022.
Same issue with Cumulative Balance also

How to change the dax to calculate this correctly?

@Anu You have a filter on year in Page 3, either remove that or use ALL instead of ALLSELECTED.

If I am drilling into 2022, January Opening balance should be the closing balance (cumulative balance) of Dec 2021.
I cannot use ALL because, I only want the dates from Sep 2020 (current month) onwards in my table
For current month(Sep 2020) opening balance = TB balance (as I have mentioned in a previous thread).
Closing balance for Sep 2020 = TB balance+ forecasted collections- forecasted payments.
From there onwards, say Oct 2020 opening balance should be closing balance of September 2020 and so on.

When the ALL is applied , as shown below, Oct 2020 opening balance is not Closing Balance(Cumulative Balance )of Sep 2020 .

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