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I noticed while going through the training that there are duplicate videos for two different lectures. The same video can be downloaded for both the “How to Query from Excel” and the “How to Query from a database”. These are in the Querying and Transforming Data section within Power BI Super User section. The video is specific to Excel, not databases.

Can you please let me know where to download the “…from database” video? Thanks!

Jose Varas


Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve been making some recent updates to these videos.

I have checked and the videos are correct I’ve just place the incorrect title (card) on the video.

I’ve updated now. Thanks!


Sorry I just realized also that the underlying file in the ‘excel’ example is actually named incorrectly…but it is actually the correct video. I will change this but please disregard to file name for now, you are viewing the correct file. Thanks


Thank you very much. Also, the video for the

“Other ways to retrieve data (Saas, Files, Folders, Azure)”

is not available to download. Thank you for your prompt replies.


All updated now. Thanks


Hello - I did not want to start another thread unnecessarily, but wanted to mention that the video for Importance of Data Tables in the Querying and Transforming Data section is not able to be downloaded. Thanks


Sorry not sure what was happening there, it was set to download…fixed now anyway