On premise Report Server

if we dont want to go on Power BI Service. I know that we can do this thing with power bi report server. But my issue is that power bi report server updates comes in a year two or three times. Latest power bi feature and both side relationship not supporting on power bi report server. So what is the solution so that we can use any version of power bi desktop to publish report to power bi report server without any kind of issue?

  1. Rely on DAX functions such as TREATAS & CROSSFILTER
  2. Create a bridge table that filters both M:M tables

Hi @dipeshkumar30. Power BI Report Server has its own specific version of Power BI Desktop; you cannot use the same monthly-updated version of Power BI Desktop with Power BI Report Server. Instead, you must use the same version as your installation of Power BI Report Server, so, for example, if your organization uses the release cadence of (I think) 3 times per year for new versions of Power BI Report Server, you will have to upgrade your Power BI Desktop accordingly 3 times per year.

(As for licensing, if you have a license for SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2017 (or later) with Software Assurance, you have a license for PBIRS already; otherwise, you’ll need a Power BI Premium license…)

For more info:

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