Offset in CalendarTable

Hi all,
Need your help in my new case issue. I would like to use offset in Calendar table. The reason is to filter easily the last completed (year/month/week) from my sales data table. Sourced around youtube and came across a calendar table with offset (Year/Month/Week) from youtuber AviSingh.

Is there a way to integrate the offset function into Sam’s calendar table?

Attached is the source file that I am using (my fail attempt) :zipper_mouth_face:
Calendar PBI.pbix (170.9 KB)

Appreciate the help guys!



I came across this blog post yesterday on dynamically identifying completed sales months. Not exactly the same offset method you mentioned, but a very straightforward approach that seems like it could get you to the same outcome.

Hope this is helpful.

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Super! Talk about adapt improvise overcome, this solution works too :grinning:
Thanks a lot @BrianJ

Below is my adaptation:
Last Completed Month

Last Completed Week

Last Completed Day


Great! - glad that worked well for you.