% of Total Not Showing Correctly


I have the fowling data:
Client Count
Schizo Others Total
Hospitalized 76 687 763
Not Hospitalized 2100 18900 21000

I am trying to calculate % of Total for Hospitalized and Not Hospitalized group. Since I am doing client profile for both groups (in this case schizophrenia vs all other conditions), the % of Total needs to adjust dynamically. Meaning, if I switch from schizo group to gender or age group, the 763 and 21000 should be constant as my denominators.
Here is the desired result:
% of Total
Schizo Others Total
Hospitalized 10% 90% 100% (763)
Not Hospitalized 10% 90% 100%(21000)
Here are my calculations that didn’t give my the desired result:
Total Clients = DISTINCTCOUNT(Sampledata[Clientid])

Total Clients Hospitalized = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(SampleData[Clientid]), (SampleData[AllHospitalized]=“All Hospitalized”))

% Of Total Hospitalized = [Total Clients Hospitalized]/[Total Clients]

I appreciate any help and directions.

Thank You,



Can you show me what results you are getting now in an image.

It’s quite hard to make out the tables in the forum post.

Just want to make sure you’ve gone over this content as well. As this explains the pattern and how to implement exactly what you need by the sounds of your explanation.

Let me know if this makes sense



Hi Sam,
Thank you for your help. The Percent of Total - simple video helped a lot. I was 100%. across.