Odata filtering


Hi guys does anyone have any experience using odata feeds at all?

I am connecting to a large ERP data set so want to reduce the load times by filtering the data directly in the URL of the odata. I can happily select my columns and do some basic date filtering specifying given dates etc

But for this to be a sustainable model I really need to have relative date filtering applied to retrieve, as examples, data from the last three calendar years or the previous 60 days etc but cannot find anywhere how to apply relative date filters

Without this I am experiencing long load times as the ERP system has been in existence for a number of years


I personally don’t have much experience here currently. But will do some reading and come back in due course.


Its the main issue that you will face in Power BI.

How to do the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load).

The Refresh routine in Power BI will reload history every time…Its problematic and being hopefully dealt with soon.

You can vote for the idea or look at the work arounds available.

I think Sam has a video on relative dates so I am sure he can guide you to the information…From memory you could extract todays date with now function and then apply say a 0 or 1 if it is today…against your table values.