No option to create an App Workspace, even though I have a Pro license

The App Workspace option is not available to me, even though I have a PBI Pro license. Can anyone help me understand why the option is not showing? I can see ‘Create a Workspace’ but not ‘Create App Workspace’

I am also the PBI service admin


You sitting on the expanded view of your own personal MY workspace…

Try clicking the general “Workspaces” then click “Create a Workspace”. That should work if you are a pro and have rights to create the workspaces.

Are you the Power BI Admin for the tenant is another option i would investigate!

Looks like you can to me


See here for how to do it.


Thank you Sam and GarryA. What I found is that I can create an app in a newly created Workspace, but not ‘My Workspace’. So I created a New Workspace and the yellow ‘Update App’ button appeared.

Hi @Floyd

My Workspace is personal Workspace and created by default for all users irrespective of free or PRO license.

PRO license provides you option to create new App Workspaces like the one you created where you can Collaborate with developers and Users.