New Hierarchy Slicer (Feb 2020 Update)

Not sure how many people here use the Hierarchy Slicer custom visual, but the built-in slicer in PBI now supports hierarchies. Much faster and responsive than the custom visual and they fixed it so it works on the service as well. Just thought I’d bring it up here in case anyone was not aware.

*It is in preview right now, so you’ll have to turn that on to get it to work.



Thanks for the info - I’m in the process of building a big report that uses that visual as my main slicer, so it’s great to hear that they’ve improved both the speed and functionality.

  • Brian

Just wanted to include this article for anyone experiencing issues after installing the February 2020 update.

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@Nick_M, thank you so much for providing us another great solution. We appreciate all your inputs and for all the help you are extending in this group.

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