New Customer Analysis Link

Two Clarifications

  1. Slicer not working in attached Power Bi File. - Pls. assist. - Im missing something fundamental.
  2. There is one more video on New Customer Analysis - Not able to find. ( Other than this one
    Sales_Report.pbix (7.7 MB)

please clarify what video are you looking for. Are you looking at another link? please provide that link that you are looking at

To help members of the Forum better understand the state:

• Please clarify what is the desired action or actions on the visuals on your report. • Please describe any related measures, and provide an image of your desired state.

• Also, please provide an image of your model, and describe your table relationships so that it is clear what your intention is.
• Was the report and filtering previously working, and now is not?
• Has there been development on the model and report, and now it is not working?
• It appears that this was designed with Report Server in mind.
• A later version of Power BI Desktop not specific to Report Server may have an impact in debugging your work.

For Example if i select Year 2022 in Slicer and 90 days in Churn then the Table should display only 2022 nos, for 90 days equation but this is not happening .I recollect there was one more tutorial for Customer Analysis which clarified in more details.