New Cheat Sheet for Extended Date Table


Attached is an updated version of the “cheat sheet” for @Melissa’s awesome Extended Date Table.

I keep this on my desktop and find it really useful to remember things like:

  • “What’s the difference between Month & Year, MonthnYear, MonthEnding, and MonthCompleted?”,
  • “What field do I use to sort Short Month by so that it shows up chronologically rather than alphabetically in my visuals?”
  • “Is the IsHoliday field coded 1/0 or TRUE/FALSE”?

Also, @Melissa and I are doing a multi-part video series on the Enterprise DNA TV YouTube channel focused on using the Extended Date Table to simplify your time intelligence calculations. The first video in the series, How to Create a Holiday Table, is already up and the next two episodes, Creating the Extended Date Table and Date Harvest Deep Dive, should be posting soon.

Hope this is helpful to you.


Just adding some keywords to make this easier to locate via forum search: date table, extended, cheat sheet, time intelligence, fields, format, fiscal, year, calendar.


Awesome this is super

The best date table generator I’ve seen.

Our business is operates on various days/per week. As an industrial contractor, we have projects that work various work weeks. Our work week is defined by our contract obligations

4 days x 10 hrs/day = 40 hrs per week
5 x 8’s = 40 h/w
5 x 10’s = 50 h/w
6 x 10’s = 60 h/w
7 x 10’s = 70 h/w
7 x 12’s = 84 h/w

as well as day shifts and night shifts
can anyone help with the adding to the function to be able to provide additional parameters?

This would be a very valuable addition in my opinion. thanks


Hi @mccracken.

Please create a new thread with your question … replying to a solved thread will reduce the visibility of your question.

Also, I’m a little unclear on what you’re issue is; can you please describe more fully what you’re looking for:

  • a date table that can be used for many different work weeks?
  • a separate “work week” table that can be assigned/used on a project-by-project basis?

And finally, please provide your work-in-progress PBIX file and a mockup in Excel of your desired outcome to help the forum members weigh-in.


Extended Date Table Fans,

I’m pleased to announce the release of the new deluxe version of the Extended Date Table Cheat Sheet, an essential accompaniment to @Melissa’s awesome and recently revised Extended Date Table code.

Click here to obtain the new version, which now includes not only all the field names and examples for each, but field type and information on how to sort every field in the table.

We will update this with every major update @Melissa makes to the date table code.

We hope you find this to be a useful resource – feedback welcomed.

– Brian

P.S. – shout out to Karen Sangil of the Enterprise DNA Team for giving my plain Power BI table a nice graphical makeover.



I am finding the date table one of the hardest things to do but a fundamental part of setting up your data model.

We currently have the following for financial reporting. (Why do finance make things harder!!)

Has anyone had any examples of similar reporting and what have they done to create the date table?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Suzie,

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All the best.

Hi !
the link to Extended Date Table Cheat Sheet doesn’t work. Needs to be fixed…

The link to the new version of the Extended Date table does not seem to work.
I have been given a direct link for download but the download does not work.
Any suggestions please?*bjgknq*_ga*MzUxNzIzMjU3LjE3MDUxMDcyMTg.*_ga_FW6EHVVFWX*MTcwNTU2MjkxNy4yLjEuMTcwNTU2NDM5NC4wLjAuMA_ga_0MFT7FZJXKMTcwNTU2MjkxNy4yLjEuMTcwNTU2NDM5NC42MC4wLjA.

Hi @Richardh9999

The Cheat sheet is on the portal under the Resourse Center and Cheat Sheets folder on the Portal. Just click on the them…


Click on the download

Some of the links doesn’t work because of the new portal. You can always do a search within the Education portal.

I hope this helps


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