Nested JSON (Complex) to Power Query, Avoid row duplication

Dear Experts,

For a while, I’m trying to figure it out, but getting duplication in the row that case wrong results

I wish someone from DNA Experts could help, I almost watched 10s of videos, and all what I’ve seen on the internet is simple and not in real work.

Here is a sample JSON file, I want to flatten it for further analysis

The main issue comes when expanding the nested objects to new rows (products and options)

API JSON.pbix (14.6 KB)
API JSON.json (178.3 KB)

I’m sure some of our experts will help

Hi @mahmoud.algindy ,

While you are waiting for the answer you can in Power Query go to expand


and pick columns that you want.

You have only nested product options - but you have product_id - so maybe you can put that in new Lookup table if it is suitable and expand with 2 level below.

Good luck.

Thanks, @mspanic

I tried that and got unnecessary duplicate rows, in which nothing in the data can be used as logic to remove duplicates.

The solution will be done thru using some M code in a custom column(s) like
Table.FromColumns and etc…

I also tried but did not succeed, I watched @Melissa youtube and tried my best to follow but in the video the desired to extract a certain field, in my case I need to extract several columns to be able to calculate the Net Sales correctly.

@mahmoud.algindy Is there a possibility that in future there might be new fields that will have nested structures or the current fields that only have text right now will have nested structures i.e. Records or List etc?

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Thanks, @AntrikshSharma for your response
yes, I might add more columns later, but the current columns are enough to calculate the Sales.

Appreciated your usual support

Here is an updated JSON with more columns
response.json (155.6 KB)

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I wonder again, nothing of my question are solved, I was thinking the subscription to DNA Enterprise will help?

My questions are a real-world issues facing everyday, I am really sad!

Hi @mahmoud.algindy

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