Need to calculate total filtered by partial text name

I am trying to count the number of inspections (qty sold) for a specific customer that contains the name ‘Keller’. I currently have the following formula:

KW Inspections = CALCULATE(COUNT('ISN orders'[oid]), 'ISN Agencies'[Agency Name]="Keller Williams Capital Partners - Wilson Bridge - Worthington")

While this formula above has a specific Agency Name in it (for testing), i need to make it so it includes all the Agency Names that have the word Keller in them.

Try using something like this

Search Test = SEARCH( "Vic", Customer[Customer Name], 1, BLANK() )

DAX formula idea below

Victor Customers = 
CALCULATE( [Total Sales],
    FILTER( ALL( Customer ), SEARCH( "Victor", Customer[Customer Name], 1, BLANK() ) = 1 ) )

perfect. that worked. thanks.