Need help with streaming data in Power BI

Hi guys,

I have been using Streaming Dataflow for quite a long time to make a streaming data report in Power BI.

However, Microsoft has just made changed to Azure Stream Analytic, and do not support Streaming Dataflow anymore.

I have been following the tutorial and guide in Microsoft site, but it does not work as I expect
The links are here:
Tutorial - Analyze fraudulent call data with Azure Stream Analytics and visualize results in Power BI dashboard | Microsoft Learn

Build real-time dashboard with Azure Stream Analytics no-code editor, Synapse Analytics and Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Does anyone know any source that can teach me how to setup streaming data in power bi report using Azure Stream Analytic?

Please help

Thank you

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@hunghahuy Recently I came across a scenario where the client has requested to show real-time data in Power BI.
I was planning to do that on the PBI desktop but the Azure Streaming Analytics doesn’t support it on the PBI desktop.
You have to do that on Power BI online but there’s a catch. You have to do that in the dashboard. Remember that Power BI online dashboard is nothing but you have to use a tile and there are only a few viz available.|

I hope that helps you! Thanks

Hi @MohammedHuzefaBagwan ,

Thanks for your reply.

However, that way is not different from the tutorial in Microsoft guide. I already tried it but the result did not come out as I expected.

The data that I get will mostly come from internal server that our company’s data engineer already taking care of. They will help me to setup the CI/CD pipeline. So, I prefer using PBI desktop to configure me report rather than using Event Hub or Azure Stream Analytic.

I am going to use Power Automate to set the refresh dataflow and dataset automatically (although the max refresh interval is about 1 min per refresh). But using Power Automate, I think I can still configure the report on PBI desktop with nearly real time.

And yesterday, my friend suggests using composite/aggregation model (setting up dual and direct query relationship), then using auto refresh page function in PBI desktop and PBI service. I have not tried it but I am about to.

There are two ways I am going to use to solve my problem. If anyone know better ways, please help .

Thank you

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