Need help with Measure Totals

I am working with a matrix table which shows the opening balance, Income, Expenditure, Interest, Cash Balance and the projected income and expenditure.
I created the measures with value based on slicer of the transaction date. However, the total doesn’t look right in the matrix.

I have my power bi file attached here, hopefully anyone can assist with this.
Rhodes Recreation Centre Forecast.pbix (6.6 MB)



I have only checked “Opening Balance” measure thoroughly, the others seem to work similarly though.

In the row of the TOTAL, your “Opening Balance” measure will only calculate values for the MAX(tbl_CP_Register[Contributions Plan​]), since you filter only for that. So, it calculates for S7.4RHodes only, as expected.

What you need to do is to iterate over all ContributionPlans and sum the values of “Opening Balance” for each Plan.

Opening BalanceX = 
    VALUES(tbl_CP_Register[Contributions Plan​]),
    [Opening Balance]


NOTE: I haven’t examined the logic of your measures, I guess you should incorporate the iteration I provide in the original measures, if it makes sense.