Need help how to display Measure column header as Date

Designing report for a client with rolling 14 days. I am using a measure to help calculate the rolling dates. I have the data doing what I want but I need to display the column header on the measure to be the actual date it is representing. Currently, I have the measures named “14DaysAgo”, “13DaysAgo” etc. and that is what is displaying in the column headers. How can I change this header to show the actual date ex. 08/19/2020, 08/20/2020 etc.

What is the definition of 14DaysAgo, is it from today or some other day, is it static or dynamic?

As far as I know we can not do because Measure name is basically a key. But you can work around by creating custom titles and placing above the headers for each of our required header( you need to fix the size of the table so that your dynamic visual card should not shift).

Below document may give you how to do dynamic title.

Agreed … AFAIK this is not a “feature” of Power BI Desktop yet … the custom title approach is a workaround.

Hi @Preston

One way is create cards with dates and place on top of headings.

If possible please share you pbix file with sample data.

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Hi @Preston,

This article may provide a solution to your problem. Looks like quite a neat way to tackle it.


Thank you everyone for your help. I was able to add measures displaying dates and placed them in the proper location which gave me what I needed. Sorry for the delay.