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Need Guidance : Survey Data Story Telling & Visualization


Has anyone got suggestions on data story telling for a company on its Customer Survey data

There are 4 surveys

Each Survey has different set of topics & related questions(Open Questions with free text fields)

Pre , Covid and Post ratings for each question except free text fields

Any suggestions of Data Story telling inspirations to project this kind of data where we need to plot avg of ratings and text data to be able to reveal insights.

I am struggling to be able to plot this data visually appealing and to convey a story

So far I have used Vertical Bar Chart and Scatter charts to plot the avg ratings of Topics and I am stuck with what to do next

Please help!


@Archer It would really help if you can share the mock up of your result in excel or pbix file.


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Data Storytelling is a shift in the normal way we think about reports.

Below are a couple of links that I have read through (multiple times) to help me shift my mindset.
I have also included a screenshot that really sums this idea up in a few steps (image is from the narrative science link below):

since you specifically mention a number of free text fields, I’m assuming that pulling out the most used words in a word cloud might be helpful - so you may want to take a look at this custom visual (it is certified by Microsoft):


Hi Archer,

This is a difficult one for me as well! Especially the “Free text”.
What I would do:

  • I woud want to compare pre-covid and post-covid so I would put those values net to eachother in a bar chart. The score would be on the Y-axis, the topics would be on the X-axis.
  • I would add the 4 surveys on one page if that makes sense. Otherwise I would make a seperate page.
  • Besides the graphs I would create 2 tables next to eachother: One with pre covid data, one with post covid data. It is hard to visualize this data, but that is mainly beause it is hard to guess what you want to get out of this data? From my experience, open ended questions are very hard to analyze, regardless of the tool. The data is too unique to to summarize, combine, compare etc… without some sort of sentiment analysis.

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