Need count active records based on startdatetime and enddatetime

Need Count of Index here at a point in time for July 8 and July 9 Separately.xlsx (19.6 KB)

I have some data here. I want to count the number of records if they fall under startdatetime and enddatetime at a given hour.

based on the data, I am specifically looking for an Hourly breakdown for July 8 and July 9 here.

I tried to use Countx and Filter to give me active count. But not getting any luck.

Any help would be appreciated. I have attached the mock data here.

I already have a Date table and a time table (with minute level grain). I have build relationships as 1.Start date (I excluded date from stratdatetime) to date
2. Start time ( I extracted from end datetime) to time

I found the solution. It works as I needed.

ED Present on July 8 =
var a = DATE(2023,07,08)+ MAX(‘Time Dimension’[Time])
RETURN COUNTX(FILTER(‘July 8’, ‘July 8’[TriageDatetime] <= a && ‘July 8’[DatetimeLeftED] >= a),‘July 8’[Reg #])

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I put this through data mentor as well to help summarise the answer. And I think it does a really good job. You can pick up the thread and continue to ask questions about this topic to learn more.