Navigation Between Reports Inside an App

Dear Sam.

I am facing an specific issue regarding to navigation between reports inside an app and I´d like your help to give any idea or suggestion to solve it.


The problem is that when I click to a button in my Menu, the navigator ( “google Chrome”) open a new window instead goes to the report in the same page.

I did an action from an image inside the report with URL address to another report:


The Menu is not inside the reports but it is a report isolated from the others but all inside the same app.

How can I open the reports ( navigate ) without change to another browser page?

Let me know if you need more information.

Best regards!


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Don’t know the exact answer here but it has everything to do with your URL link. Have you search the Internet to have a look at what links need to become to stop opening up the new window?

Also I just don’t really like the functionality you built in here as well. You shouldn’t have to click between report pages via web link. You can do this very easily using bookmarks and that is how I would ultimately do this.

See below for exactly how to implement this.


Thanks for the answer, Sam!

I would like to add peace of a detail. I would like to understand better a link between reports not between pages of a same report. Something like CROSS-REPORT DRILLTHROUGH but applying to a Menu! Could you help me?



If you want to create links between reports in my big recommendation is just to use the dashboard feature inside of the Power BI online service.

This is pretty much exactly what the dashboarding area is for. It allows you to consolidate key information from a range of different reports and then use it as a navigation to all of those more detailed insights based on those initial images.

And if you didn’t ultimately get these into an app, the navigation experience can be very intuitive for users and consumers of your reports.

I really do feel that you’re over complicating it trying to utilise URLs. The Power BI team have developed the platform so that a lot of this navigation and distribution of insights can be done very intuitively with the features that they already have. Like reports, dashboard and apps. They all work together quite well I feel.

Have a go at trying to work through this just by using dashboards and see if this fulfils your requirements.


Also I don’t believe there is a way to cross the drill into different reports automatically. The idea would be to again use dashboards and then bookmarks to quickly navigate to specific insights that you might want.

@sam.mckay @GiovanniCJR
To enable a report to be a target of cross report drill through have you tried to follow this article here from Microsoft.

Thanks Sam, for the suggestion !

I’ll try it.



Tks Garry!