Navigating the site to access resources or ask for help

I’m new to the membership and I am a bit overwhelmed at every turn.

Immediate issues:

  • Accessing resources: every file I click on or to try to load doesn’t work. I get an error message (see screenshot):

  • Contacting support: is their no support team for these kind of issues or do you just post anywhere? How am I supposed to know what’s expected of me in terms of communicating my issues? (The only reason why I’m posting now is because I saw someone else post their feedback.

  • Pages are buggy and error out (see screenshot):

Please help, the youtube videos have been super useful but I have not been able to extract any value from the paid membership.

Hello @Swhs24, Thank you for taking the time in letting us know that you are encountering an issue. You are right in posting your query here, the support forum is the best channel to seek help for any Power BI and Enterprise DNA platform issues so members can share their experience and possible help to solve your queries. May we know what are the pages or resources you are trying to access to check the issue further on our end? Thanks!