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Natural language to DAX generation

Interesting blog post from PowerBI…
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Natural language to DAX generation powered by GPT-3
…excited to announce that we will be bringing the capability for customers to use natural language to describe what they are trying to accomplish and have Power BI automatically create a DAX expression for them.


I was going to post about this topic, what does everyone think about this?

What does this mean for learning & creating DAX?

In my mind, I’m going to keep on learning how to improve & understand DAX more as there will be levels of complexity that need bridging & understanding.

Would be interested to hear other opinions on this.

Here is Ruth’s take on it…

Agree that care and checking should be done on the result to ensure the output is indeed correct and what was asked for. Without learning DAX though, you wouldn’t know how to amend the DAX. Could speed up the process of learning DAX I guess.

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Thanks @marcster_uk I literally just finished watching Ruth’s video and that made me reply to your post.

Interesting times!

@marcster_uk ,

I watched Ruth’s video today too, and I strongly suspect that this will do okay with simple things like “cumulative total” or “rolling three month average”. But try feeding it the typical questions that come up on the forum like (just to take a couple of examples from yesterday) “allocate budgeted amount across selected fiscal period” or “identify top 1/3 of rows based on sales” and my guess is it will provide a bunch of nonsense code. Or just start smoking and repeating “does not compute”…

Don’t sell your copy of The Definitive Guide to DAX yet.

– Brian


Yes, I suspect you’re right, it may well be great for easy DAX but then you start throwing in Data Model issues etc and then complex scenarios like we see on the Forum then it could starting whirring & whirring! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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Definitely won’t work for pet food companies then :joy:

Thanks for the information @marcster_uk!

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