My FORMAT function is not working in Power BI


I tried using FORMAT() to convert month numbers into text but I can’t seem to make it work. I used the formula below:

=FORMAT(MONTH([MyColumn]), "mmmm")

Any suggestions?

Hi Emily,

You can convert the month format using either of the DAX formula below:

1. MonthName = FORMAT(DATE(2016,Table1[MonthNumber],1),"MMMM")

2. Month Name = SWITCH(Table1[MonthNumber],1,"January",2,"February",3,"March",4,"April",5,"May",6,"June",7,"July",8,"August",9,"September",10,"October",11,"November",12,"December")

These are probably you’re best two options here.

Also are you using a full date table?

This is the best way to have everything setup in your date table without have to do any of this work yourself in calculated columns.

Check out the below for more information on this.