My account is not updated in new platform (again)?

Dear @sam.mckay

Please check my account (it is still active because my credit card still get charged).

However, when I logged in the new platform, I can not access the whole courses as usual

Please check and updated my account

Thank you

hI @hunghahuy

Could you check directly on Courses :

do you have the whole list or the problem persist?

Hi @mspanic

This is how I checked in Courses

I cannot access most of the courses (only free ones available), because I still paid monthly for EDNA courses so I believe I should be able to access all the courses

But now I got this problem access

Please check and reslove it


Hi @mspanic

I also checked my subscription page and got this

It looks like the platform did not get the payment that I made in Sep 12 and update my account status

Please check


@hunghahuy - could you send by e-mail and check please with customer support at:

Thank you.

Hi @mspanic

I just sent the email

Please check

Thank you

Hi, did your issue resolve? Iā€™m facing a similar issue.

Hi @mylearning

I canceled the account in old platform and subscribe again on new platform

It works now