Multiple Product Purchases


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Regarding Video:

I think it is assumed that there is A registered customer with a reference number for the customer, I have the similar case but The customer membership is optional (Products purchased with no customer reference but instead order reference) what can we do in this case to count the products purchased on mixed case (customer no + order no) ? In Addition can you post the pbix file of this Video?


Just posted this on Enterprise DNA Online

Regarding your question I honestly don’t think you need to change anything as the results will be posted in the table as additional values, they just won’t have a specific customer ID next to the result

Do you have an example you have worked up and/or a formula to review?


Hi Sam

I’m assuming the case is little bit difference e.g.: Macdonalds Restaurant, Not all the customers have membership (reference no) when they buy(purchase) any Items e.g.: Burger meal , In this case the reference with the purchased Item will be (order no) and the customer no = NULL , how can we deal with Items purchased from the restaurant without customer reference number but there is an order reference no ?


Well you can’t really do this type of analysis without the customer number. If there’s no customer identifier then how would you know who your customers are at all? So it just couldn’t be done unfortunately.


I know that Sam , but what shall we do if the case is like (MckDonald) , normally the majority of restaurant series not have customer reference no (not mandatory) ? shall we consider the Order no as reference instead of the customer no?


This analysis is just no suited for that. I think you’re thinking more about basket analysis where you analysis buying patterns of products.

The new customer versus old customer analysis might work well for online stores, loyalty cards etc.


Ok I understand now , Is the scenario of cross-selling on this site similar to the Market basket analysis?


Yes similar, but I’ve updated the formula to be much cleaner in the market basket analysis video


Thank you so much