Multiple Dropdown fields all same dataset?

I’ve been playing around with power apps and this is a question I can’t seem to find an answer to.
I have a file that has multiple questions on it that should only allow Pass or Fail as the answer.
Files attached -

I’ve figured out how to make the dropdown and apply it to the fields BUT it seems like there should be a way I can re-use the dropdown rather than having to reference a new dropdown box for each input field.
Is there a way to reference one dropdown list across multiple fields where each field looks at the dropdown data as ‘fresh’ ? I’ve watched a number of variable videos and have struck out going down the variable path.

Is there a way to reuse a dropbox field across edit fields or am I resigned to managing a ton of dropbox fields that all say the same thing?

Thank you in advance.
TestDropdown (1).msapp (54.9 KB)
PowerAppDataTest.xlsx (36.8 KB)

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Hi @gkavesh, while waiting for other community members to jump in, have you checked the PowerApps course by @henry.habib? We highly suggest using our On-Demand Platform to see if your query was discussed in the course. Thanks!

I’ve gone through all the content and this is not addressed.

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