Multi currency with correct currency label

Hi all,

Below matrix can show sales in Local Country Currency and Home Country currency (HKD) by clicking slicer and everything look good.

I can show the correct currency label (EUR; GBP; USD) for the local currency view as one item can sell in different countries as below screen scap.

However, I got a problem to show the currency lable for the HKD view. All value are correct, but I dont know how to change the label to “HKD” (it is fine to have multipule lines)

I uploaded my Power Bi file for the data and structure.

Understanding it seems not possible, can anyone give me some hints or work around on it? Many Thanks.

When your talking about ‘label’, do you mean the below?


If so, I’m not sure that you would want to do it, just creates too much complexity in your model in my view.

Can you not just clearly state somewhere in a visual like a card that the user is looking to the amount in the home ccy (as in HKD) - because it still is a foreign amount right you’ve just changed the value in the HKD amounts?


If you really need dynamic columns in your table then maybe explore this idea here

It adds a bit to your model though which I don’t like personally.


I will think on it