MTD QTD Previous Comparisons (data not thru today)


I’ve run into a little snag when trying to compare TY to LY when in mid-stream this year. The specific issue I’m having is that the data I have goes thru 4-22-2020. (22-4-2020) and it’s May 11th. I have created a measure to give me the LastSaleDate(for my data) which is a start. I am aware of the normal way to handle this from Sam’s video, when data is current to today but the period is not complete… IF(LASTDATE[Dates(date]) > Today(), Blank, followed by my last years MTD calculation. That was in Sam’s video “Showcase MTD/QTD/YTD To Current Date”

I’m asking for what DAX intro I should use to handle the lastdate I have for information, so I do not get values for last year after my lastdate of 4-22-2020?

Thank you,


Hi @Whitewater100,

The simplest and most effective technique is to create a calculated column in the Date table that marks the dates that are less than or equal to the last date that should be visible.

You can find all details in this article.

I hope this is helpful.

Hi Melissa:

Thank you for replying. I see that five variable calculated column now and I’m thankful for you being able to help out.

I tried it and it works by adding to the end of either my DateAdd or Sameperiod Last Year. measures.

Thanks again!!