MTD based on one specific date from dropdown slicer



I have a report based on standard data model (couple of facts and dimensions including date table). The report present acctuals MTD values compared to YTD, QTD and FY. One of the conditions is to use slicer in form of dropdown list with one specific date - and this is ok to show values for selected date. Unfortunetly, second conditions is to show at the same page all values for previous dates to the selected date from slicer - and here is a problem… because as we know when I select one specific date, of course I will see on chart data related to only this one specific date…

In all materials related to DAX and Power BI we can find MTD, QTD, YTD scenarios where we have slicer with range of dates which works pefect, but what can we do when we have a condition with slicer where user can select only one date?


Some images of the actual issue would be great so that the problem is a bit clearer would help a lot.

If I’m understanding this correctly though, the user can only select one date.

This will always be a problem because of the context created on the date table by that particular selection in the slicer.

There are some way around this though.

Check out this tutorial to learn more about how you can do it.


Thank you Sam for you reply, that was very helpful:)