MS Dynamics Finance & Operations

Hi All

We’re currently evaluating a number of small/Mid size ERP systems. Given we’re already heavy users of Power BI (Pro) MS Dynamics Finance and Operations is in the mix. Do any of the forum members have experience in Dynamics F&O and in particular the embedded Power BI functionality?

Thanks in advance

Personally I haven’t had much experience with Dynamics up to this point. So haven’t got any value to add here. Hopefully someone in the forum can assist on this one.


We are assessing Dynamics Business Essential as well. However, given that the current set up is quite new, we are struggling to find experienced onboarding people to help us implement it.

We are using Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing and started testing embedding contextual Power BI reports only yesterday.
This is the best resource thus far to guide us.

Managed to get a report embedded now just figuring out how to pass the parameters to get the intended contextual filter of the PBI report.

[Solved]. Contextual filtering issue was due to missing curly braces. This post expands on the earlier reference.
Once you’ve got that up and running the rest seems easy and awesome!

Thanks all for the input. I’ll let people know how we go. I do know that MS have said that Power BI will be the sole reporting engine in Dynamics down the track. Excited about the possibilities.